Bright Beginnings


  • On Tuesday the 30st May, the boys and girls of Bright Beginnings Nursery invited two H4TH volunteers to come and see the great work they had been doing to support our communities homeless and impoverish citizens. The children had certainly been busy, amassing a total of 22 brightly decorated shoe boxes filled with essential food stuffs and toiletries! As well as collecting food, the children and nursery staff also carried out a project where they learned about soup kitchens and homeless through role-playing and the use of the nursery's smart board. The children's project has been entered into a competition where they will compete against other local nurseries which will be judged on Tuesday the 6th of June at Clydebank Town hall. A huge thank you to the children and staff at Bright Beginnings Nursery. 

Bright Beginnings Competition


  • On Tuesday the 6th of June, our friends at Bright Beginnings Nursery submitted their project on soup kitchens and homelessness to be judged along with projects of other local nurseries at Clydebank Town Hall. Two of our volunteers were delighted to attend to support the children. Sadly they did not win on the day but they are definitely all winners to H4TH. Thank you so much again.  

The Village Cafe


  • Brenda Haldane, from the Village Café in Bishopbriggs, a supporter of H4TH, has recently made an appeal for men’s and woman’s clothing, stating “It’s a wonderful charity and they badly need men’s and woman’s shoes and denims at the moment. If you can’t take it to Cadogan Street on a Thursday evening to make a donation just drop it off at the Village Cafe and we’d be delighted to take it for you.”  

Summarised from article by the Kirkintilloch Herald